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The Internal Auditor's Use of Sampling (SMPL)


This half-day course is for all levels of auditors.


It gives internal auditors the knowledge they need to use statistical or non-statistical "sampling" on-the-job.


It also does the following:


         De-emphasizes much of the theoretical, mathematical background and statistical jargon.

         Takes the mystery and mathematical mystique out of the sampling process.

         Promotes both statistical and non statistical sampling and provides practical cases on when and how to use each.

         Provides a logical approach for those who use only non-statistical sampling.

         Clarifies definitional problems by clearly defining terms such as:

o   Confidence

o   Precision

o   Expected error rate

o   Achieved upper precision limit

o   Risk of incorrect acceptance

o   Risk of incorrect rejection

o   Risk of over-reliance on controls (risk of assessing control risk too low)

o   Risk of under-reliance on controls (risk of assessing control risk to high)

         Shows how sampling can be a valuable tool that lets the auditor gather enough evidence to support conclusions.

         Contrasts the detail audit work with the overall risks that are acceptable.


The course is a "must" for auditors who wish to perform the "right" amount of testing - not too much; not too little.


Participants will obtain fundamental information that will allow them to properly use sampling techniques that will increase audit efficiency.


A more intense full-day course is also available.




Category: Auditing Internal & External