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Overview of Securitization (SECUR)


This one-day course is for all auditors, accountants.


The course explains activities surrounding the technique os "securitization" of loans.


It provides an overview of the most popular securitized loans - mortgage loans.


It reviews the primary and secondary mortgage market and provides an historical overview and focuses on various types of mortgages, how they are securitized and which pass-through securities are issed by FHLMC, GNMA, FNMA etc..


The course also provides excellent review of the risks associated with investments in mortgage-backed securities. 


Additionally, it discusses specific underwriting standards required for mortgage loans that are ultimately securitized, including standards related to:


o   Mortgage eligibility

o   Mortgage types

o   Transaction types

o   Mortgage amounts

o   Mortgage terms

o   Liens

o   Escrow deposits

o   Title insurance

o   Private insurance

o   Hazard insurance

o   Flood insurance

o   Loan-to-value ratios

o   Borrower eligibility


The course is excellent for those seeking an overview of securitization and for those who audit or plan to audit mortgage loans designated for securitization.


It also provides much value for individuals in the loan underwriting and operations areas who handle various aspects of loans to be securitized.


An abbreviated half-day course is also available





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