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 Risk-Based Auditing (RSK2)


This one-day course is for all levels of auditors.


It distinguishes between audit risk and business risk. It explores the audit risk model (see RSK1) and how it relates to the extent of audit testing.


It also identifies and explains specific types of business risks and how they affect the entity.


The course identifies and discusses those business risks that are the most significant within each of the major business functions of the organization (funding, lending, investing, etc.).


It also explores how the significant risks can best be controlled and how the auditor can provide proper audit risk coverage.


Attendees will obtain a working knowledge of risk-based auditing.


Attendees will obtain a risk "mind set" that will assure that all audit work performed will "automatically" consider business risks.


Attendees will leave with an approach that will always result in audit comments about business risks and related risk controls - the very issues that are the primary concerns of the audit committee and other corporate governors.





Category: Business Risk Concerns