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An Internal Auditor's Approach to Risk Assessment:

What to Audit and When (RSK1)


This one-day course is valuable for auditors at all levels.


It is designed for auditors who are responsible for auditing, reviewing or otherwise "covering" business risks.


It takes the mystery out of the risk assessment process.


It gives the participants a logical framework to use when faced with the assignment of preparing an annual audit plan or parts thereof. 


It allows participants to "solve" the pressing problem of providing comprehensive audit coverage with limited resources.


The risk assessment approach gives auditors a plan that assures management and the audit committee that resources are being allocated so that high risk areas are receiving appropriate audit coverage.


This course provides both the theoretical and practical foundations for developing, implementing and using a risk-based auditing system. It provides step-by-step exercises to help attendees fully understand audit risk assessment.


The course provides attendees with a practical approach for determining what to audit, why and when.  It also coordinates internal audit risk-based efforts with entity-wide efforts. 


Attendees learn how to develop a carefully designed plan, based on risk, so that the audit committee is satisfied with the necessary audit coverage.






Category: Business Risk Concerns