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 Establishing an Internal Audit Productivity Program (PROD)


This course is designed for internal audit managers and supervisory personnel in an internal audit department.


It provides information on how to establish and "run" an internal audit productivity program, which is used to show the audit committee that the internal auditors are doing their part in the overall process of re-structuring or re-engineering activities to achieve more productive and profitable overall company-wide results.


It explores the need for more efficiency in the audit department.


It stresses the importance of using numerical "measures” to monitor department-wide productivity.  It provides suggestions on how to develop these "measures" and gives the participants a listing of practical measures to use as a guide for a more productive department.


Participants can use the course material to establish a productivity program that will improve audit efficiency and morale in the audit department and will increase internal audit professionalism.


The productivity program that is established as a result of this course will show that the internal auditing function is contributing to overall corporate profitability.


This course provides techniques that will generate more audit efficiency and will improve the corporate-wide appreciation of the internal audit function.


A half-day course is also available.






Category: Auditing – Internal & External