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Professional Service Associates provides services to the Certified Public Accountants  and to Corporate Management



PSA provides services to help Certified Public Accountants in the following areas:


1.    Establishing "Professional Practices" units within the CPA firm or internal accounting department of a corporation.

2.    Establishing CPA firm training functions.

3.    Developing in-house instructional materials.

4.    Developing audit and accounting policies and procedures manuals.

5.    Preparing professional accounting and auditing newsletters.

6.    Preparing a variety of written documents (Newsletters, Statements of Position, Policy Statements, Codes of Behavior, etc.)

7.    Review CPA-firm audit, review, and compilation reports, and working papers.

8.    Providing technical accounting and auditing advice.

9.    Providing CPA training courses in various areas, including the following:

o      Current Preparation, Compilation, Review, and Audit Updates

o      Auditor Involvement with Internal Controls

o      Accounting Update - A Review of new professional authoritative GAAP pronouncements

o      Auditing Update - A review of AICPA, PCAOB and other authoritative auditing pronouncements

o      Effective and Efficient Use of Analytical Procedures on Reviews and Audits

o      Sampling Techniques for CPAs

o      Audit, Review, Compilation and Preparation Service working papers

o      Audit Risk Business Concerns

o      Accounting Primer - A Review of Concepts and Trends Underlying GAAP Financial Statements

o      Proper GAAP and OCBOA  Financial Statement Disclosures


For more specifics about CPA training contact PSA ay



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PSA also provides consulting services that help Corporate Management in the following areas:

o      Establishing an effective internal audit function.

o      Developing corporate-wide and internal audit productivity programs.

o      Developing "Risk Assessment" and "Risk Management" programs.

o      Conducting outsource services including internal audits, reviews, analytical studies, and applications of

        agreed-upon procedures.

o      Establishing strategic planning.

o      Conducting training needs assessments.

o      Providing an informed, experienced, third-party opinion on various accounting, auditing and other issues.



For more specifics about Corporate Manager training contact PSA at


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