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The Audit of the Lending Function (LEND)


This one-day course is designed for all auditors, loan accounting, loan operations, and loan compliance personnel.


It reviews specific loan policies and procedures.


It identifies exactly what should be included in an entity's lending policies, including:

-          Types of loans "allowed"

-          Established lines and limits for loan types and for lending personnel

-          Authorization and approval procedures

-          Loan pricing procedures

-          Loan concentration issues


It provides examples of loan policies and the documentation requirements for such policies.


It carefully explores loan review, compliance and internal and external audit issues.


It discusses loan write-off procedures and loan-loss provision issues.


It is a valuable primer for new employees as well as a refresher for "old timers."


All persons involved in any phase of the loan function or the audit thereof should use this course to satisfy their loan related responsibilities.


Participants will take away an understanding of what constitutes a well planned institutional loan policy that is in accordance with sound practices as well as regulatory requirements.


The participants will also be able to devise clear, precise, meaningful procedures to audit the loan function.



Category: Banking - Auditing