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The Audit of the Investment Portfolio (INVST)


This one day course is designed to provide practical guidance on how to audit a depository institution’s investment portfolio. 


Particular emphasis is placed on:  

1.      the reason(s) for the investment portfolio

2.      the need for current, written, carefully thought-out  investment policy

3.      management's responsibility for ongoing monitoring the investment portfolio


The course will carefully analyze the investments that are generally part of the investment portfolio, including:

-          U.S. Government and Agency Securities
(Bills, Notes, Bonds)

-          Mortgage and Mortgage-backed Securities
(Fixed-rate, ARMs, GPMs, Pass-throughs etc.)

-          State & Local Government Securities
(General Obligation Bonds, Revenue bonds etc.)

-          Other Investments
(Corporate Paper, Stocks, CMOs, Floaters, Inverse Floaters, Interest Only and Principal Only Mortgage-backed Securities, etc.)


The course covers investment business risks and related internal controls. 


It will specifically describe and provide examples of the accounting requirements and intricacies associated with “held-to-maturity,” “trading,” and “available-for-sale” securities.


This is a valuable course for all auditors involved or soon to be involved in the audit of the investment portfolio.





Category: Banking - Auditing