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Financial Reporting Issues, Concerns and Questions for Directors,

Auditors, Controllers, Risk Managers and Others



This course covers the numerous financial reporting responsibilities of directors, auditors, controllers and risk managers.


It provides specific techniques that can be used to fulfill financial reporting responsibilities.


Topics covered include:


·         Internal Control Issues

·         Balance Sheet Asset Issues

·         Balance Sheet Liability Issues

·         Balance Sheet Equity Issues

·         Income Statement Issues

·         Other Financial Reporting Issues


-         Detailed internal control coverage includes the decision about the “effectiveness” of internal control, “sign-offs,” certifications, and duties of the “players” (e.g. line management, controller, internal auditor, external auditor).


-          Detailed asset coverage includes the loan to deposit relationship, deposits as a % of total assets, loan risks, investments as a % of total assets, investment composition, holding gains or losses, investment risk, intent and ability issues, loan loss reserve estimates, OREO issues, goodwill impairment concerns, etc.


-         Detailed liability coverage includes composition of deposits, non-interest bearing liabilities, the fee-based income impact on deposits, core vs. volatile deposits, funding risk, Federal Funds Bought, Securities Sold Under Agreements to Repurchase, FHLB borrowings etc.


-         Detailed equity coverage includes the book value capital ratio, regulatory capital ratios, and Basel III concerns etc.


-         Detailed income statement coverage includes common size ratio analysis, composition of other income, composition of other expense, “cost accounting” advancements, income tax management etc.


-         Detailed coverage of other issues include non-performing loans, allowances for possible off-balance-sheet losses, BOLI, derivative financial instruments, off-balance-sheet commitments, compensated absences, environmental liabilities, related party disclosures etc.


This course is valuable for all corporate governors.






Category: Business Risk Concerns