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 Satisfying Corporate Governance Requirements:

 A Guide for Directors, Auditors, Controllers, Risk Managers and Others



This course reviews and discusses actual GAAP financial statements of a typical depository institution. It explores important financial and performance measurement concepts that will assist Board members in fulfilling their corporate governance obligations.


Topics covered include:





         Capital Adequacy

         Asset/Liability Management

         FHLB Borrowings


Detailed loan discussions and analyses explore loan risks, impaired loans, troubled debt restructurings, allowance for loan and lease losses, related party transactions, and off-balance sheet commitments. 


Investments coverage includes an examination of the market, interest rate, credit and liquidity risks. 


A discussion of derivative financial instruments explores when and why they might be considered. 


Capital Adequacy coverage includes a review of regulatory capital ratios and capital risk issues, including Basel III requirements.


Asset/Liability Management coverage explores how the organization manages the mismatch between maturing interest sensitive assets and maturing interest sensitive liabilities and how the entity can capitalize on that mismatch. 


Goodwill discussions focus on the amount carried and the goodwill impairment loss, if any.


The FHLB borrowings dialogue explores the amounts carried, their purpose, as well as leveraging strategies.


This is a valuable course for all depository institution corporate governors.





Category:  Business Risk Concerns