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Establishing a Professional Practices Unit

in the Internal Auditing Department



This course is for the "larger" internal auditing departments that wish to assure audit "professionalization."


It explores the brief history of the internal auditor, and focuses on the “modern” auditor and what is expected of him or her.


It strongly encourages the need for a professional practices unit within the internal audit function. 


It provides guidelines on the type of person who should "run" that unit.


It also provides guidance on professional practices duties such as:

-          Preparing departmental policies and procedures

-          Establishing and running a professional training program

-          Establishing and running an internal quality assurance program

-          Conducting professional development sessions with professional staff

-          Recruiting new professionals

-          Publishing in-house technical materials

-          Conducting research and other activities that reduce “line” auditor stress


The course provides excellent "hands-on" information about setting up a professional practices unit. For some larger internal audit departments such a unit does not seem to be optional.


This course is "must" for those serious about "professionalizing" their audit practice.


A half-day course is also available.







Category: Auditing – Internal & External