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 Dollar-Value (Value-Added) Auditing (DOLL)


This course is designed for internal auditors at all levels who are concerned about giving management written audit findings that add value to the entity.


The course defines value-added or dollar-value auditing.


It suggests an operational approach for those who seek value-added findings.


It describes an internal audit self-assessment, which determines whether the internal audit activities are, at a minimum, recovering the costs of operating the audit function.


It focuses on "dollarizing" audit findings.


It explains and illustrates both "hard" dollar savings as well as "soft" dollar savings.


It shows how to implement a dollar-value approach and provides relevant questions, procedures and concerns.


It covers all types of audits and contrasts each type with the dollar-value operational approach.


Examples of dollarized findings and classroom exercises provide useful information for attendees.


Course materials can immediately be put to use.


A half-day condensed course is also available.




Category: Auditing Internal & External