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Accounting Issues and the Call Report - Intermediate (CALL-I)


This two-day course focuses on the more important schedules in the Call Report.


Specific emphasis is placed on the accounting concepts related to certain transactions that affect the following schedules:


  • RC-B               Securities

  • RC-C               Loans and Lease Financing Receivables

  • RC-F               Other Assets

  • RC-G              Other Liabilities

  • RC-L               Off-Balance-Sheet Items

  • RC-M              Memorandum

  • RC-O              Other Data for Deposit Insurance and FICO Assessments

  • RC-R               Regulatory Capital



Additionally, the course focuses on the most recent Basel III regulatory changes to the Call Report.


It is excellent for preparers, reviewers and auditors of the Call Report, who must stay abreast of Call Report information, trends and changes.


One-day coverage is also available.



Category: Banking Call Report