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 An Overview of the Activities of a Depository Institution (BKOVR)



This one and one-half day course is a basic course for entry-level depository institution personnel.


It is specifically designed for new personnel in the auditing, controller, and treasurer functions.


the course focuses on the role of the depository institution and covers many of the specific activities of the depository institution that are part of the following overall business functions:

-          Funding

-          Lending

-          Investing

-          Trading

-          Fee-Based Services

-          Support Activities

-          Internal Accounting & Reporting Activities


The course also explains many of the "products" and/or "services" made available by the depository institution.


It carefully deals with the business risks faced by depository institutions including:

-          Capital Risk

-          Collateral Risk

-          Concentration Risk

-          Country Risk

-          Credit Risk

-          Foreign Currency Risk

-          Fraud Risk

-          Funding Risk

-          Insider Risk

-          Interest Rate Risk

-          Management Risk

-          Market Risk

-          Operations Risk

-          Regulatory Risk

-          Strategy Risk


This course provides the background information about depository institutions that is needed by each and every professional person in a depository institution. It is an especially valuable overview for internal auditors, controllers, financial analysts and others who must understand the banking business and its business risks.



Category: Banking - General