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 Intermediate Bank Accounting (BANK ACC2)


This two-day course is designed to address more advanced accounting issues that bank accountants, auditors, and CPA advisors encounter.


It expans upon the fundamentals explored in basic bank accounting courses.


Current accounting concepts that need immediate implementation as well as new accounting concepts under consideration by rule makers are addressed.


It also offers an overview of the asset-liability management process, capital adequacy issues and key ratios.


The course is ideal for accountants, auditors and others with two to four years banking experience.


Specific coverage follows:


  • Fair Value Accounting

  • Accounting for Marketable Securities

  • Accounting for Transfers of Financial Assets

  • Accounting for Derivatives

  • Accounting for Loan Impairments

  • Provision for and Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses

  • Asset/Liability Management Issues

  • Accounting for Share-Based Compensation

  • Capital Adequacy Issues

  • Analytical Procedures and Ratio Analysis for Banks

  • Goodwill Accounting Issues


The course is excellent for serious bank accounting and auditing personnel.






Category: Banking - Accounting