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 Basic Banking Overview and Bank Accounting Issues (BANK ACC)


This two-day course is designed for new accounting staff in the commercial banking industry. 


It is designed for those with an interest in learning and understanding bank accounting concepts.


Course content follows:


  • The environment of banking (brief history of major legislation)

  • The Federal Deposit Insurance Company Improvement Act (FDICIA) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)

  • Bank activities and operations

  • Bank business risks

  • Overview of GAAP

  • Unique aspects of bank accounting

  • Internal controls in banking

  • Specific issues (lloans, provision for loan losses, and the allowance for laon and lease losses; accounting for non-refundable fees; accounting for derivatives; accounting for marketable secruities, TDRs etc.)

  • Analysis of bank financial statements

  • Ratio analysis


The course is an excellent starter for newcomers and a refresher for experienced personnel.




Category: Banking - Accounting