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The Overall Approach to a Systems-Based Audit (B&B)


This one and one-half day course, designed for audit management and staff, provides an overview of the internal auditor's "bread and butter" job - the audit of the manual and automated portions of accounting systems and related internal control policies and procedures (i.e. internal control).


It emphasizes a logical, step-by-step, professional approach to systems-based audits.


Actual experience is used to illustrate what is expected of the auditor at each step of the systems-based audit.


Audit terminology (adequacy, effectiveness, system, internal control, materially, error, irregularity, etc.) is clarified and discussed in a practical "down-to-earth" manner.


This course gives participants an important view of what audit committee members believe internal auditors are doing on a day-to-day basis.


It also gives participants the knowledge they need to know what they should be doing and how it fits into the overall audit plan.


Participants often use course materials for reference purposes in many "live" situations subsequent to attending the course.




Category: Internal Control