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We currently offer 41 courses . . .


Course Name

Course Reference
Accounting Overview for Non-Accountants NONACT
Unique Accounting Issues for Depository Institutions UNIQ
Accounting Update for Auditors, Accountants and Others in Industry UPD
Accounting Issues and the Call Report- Basics CALL-B
Accounting Issues and the Call Report- Intermediate CALL-I
Accounting Issues and the Call Report- Advanced CALL-A
Overview of the Thrift Financial Report TFR
Accounting Basics for Community Financial Institutions COMMACC
Basic Banking Overview and Bank Accounting Issues BANKACC
Intermediate Bank Accounting BANCKACC2
Accounting for Income Taxes in GAAP Financial Statements ACCTAX
Financial statement Analysis for Developing Questions to be Resolved APFS
Analytic Procedures for Internal Auditors APGEN
The Audit of Asset/Liability Management ALM
Complying with the Internal Control Requirements of FDICIA and Sarbanes-Oxlev FDICSOX
The Call Report:  Understanding, Purpose, Contents and Importance CALL
Capital Ratios:  Computational Issues for Depository Institutions CAPRAT
The Audit of Construction Loans CONSTR
An Overview of the Activities of a Depository Institution BKOVR
The Audit of Derivative Products DERIV
Dollar-Value (Value-Added) Auditing DOLL
Interviewing Techniques for Obtaining Audit Evidence EVID
Basic Analysis of a Community Bank's Financial Statements BASIC
Auditor Responsibilities RE: Fraud FRAUD
Satisfying Corporate Governance Requirements - A Guide for Directors, Auditors, Controllers, Risk Managers and Others Guide1
Financial Reporting Issues, Concerns and Questions for Directors, Auditors Controllers, Risk Managers and Others Guide2
Internal Auditing Overview - Philosophy and Practice PHIL
Establishing a Professional Practices Unit in the Internal Auditing Department DOPP
The Overall Approach to a Systems-Based Audit B&B
Understanding, Documenting, Assessing and Reporting on Internal Control COSO
The Audit of the Investment Portfolio INVEST
The Audit of the Lending Function LEND
Establishing an Internal Audit Productivity Program PROD
An Internal Auditor's Approach to Risk Assessment:  What to Audit and When! RSK1
Risk-Based Auditing RSK2
Communicating Audit Results:  The Internal Auditor's Report Writing Process WRIT
Overview of Securitization SECUR
The Internal Auditor's Use of Sampling SMPL
Professional Practices Update PPU
Breaking Bank Developments BREAK
Bank Holding Company Reports BHC



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