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Professional Service Associates (PSA) is dedicated to providing quality consulting and professional training and development services to its clients.


Some of the PSA in-house training courses for accountants, auditors and others are described elsewhere on this site (see Training Courses). These courses can be taught “as is” or can be tailored to fit particular client needs and circumstances.






Most of the professional training provided by PSA is conducted on an in-house basis.


Various depository institutions, industrial companies, CPA firms and professional associations contract directly with PSA to deliver training to their employees or members. Some entities and associations pool their resources and engage PSA to deliver training to groups of attendees from the various entities or associations.


PSA works with its clients and prospective clients to keep costs at a minimum. PSA charges a flat fee plus normal instructor travel-related costs per day of training. The fee is the same regardless of class size, keeping cost per attendee as low as possible. There is no charge for the materials. Usually, PSA provides the client company or group with one "clean" copy (electronic or hard copy) of the PSA course materials to be used by the participants in the class room. The company or group then reproduces the materials in house eliminating expensive external reproduction costs. The training facility and training equipment is provided by the company or group “buying” the professional training.


PSA is committed to delivering current training that is interesting, informative and useful for PSA clients.


Satisfy your training needs and requirements by using the professional training services of PSA.



For more information about courses on this site or others, please contact:


     Paul J. Sanchez, CPA, CBA, CFSA, CGMA


     Professional   Service Associates
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