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The Sanchez "Take"

July/August 2015  The Capital Conservation Buffer 

November 2014 -  A New Way to Calculate the "Cushion"


The Sanchez Take – Background Information


A number of clients of Professional Service Associates (PSA) over the years have continuously sought the opinions of Paul J. Sanchez, President of PSA, about a number of topics and current events.


Sanchez willingly gave his unbiased opinions about current significant events, occurrences and trends that affected business people, particularly accountants, auditors, controllership personnel, finance personnel and others.


Sanchez, also, never hesitated to give his fresh, carefully thought-out, frank analysis of what was going on and how it had an impact on his clients.


The demand for his opinion eventually resulted in the monthly client “hard-copy” publication, The Ideas and Analysis Letter: The Sanchez “Take.”   


The “Sanchez Take” has been and continues to be an editorial-type summary of Sanchez’s synthesis of certain important business issues of the day. The “Take” deciphers and “translates” into understandable language, difficult and often confusing information. It is clairvoyant and provides readers with the edge they need to smartly react to an ever changing business environment.


The “Take” has covered topics before they became conversational issues in the financial press. Some topics of past years were:


·         Y2K Hysteria – Throwing Away the $ Because of Fear

·         Uneven and Inconsistent Regulation of Depository Institutions

·         Graham, Leach, Bliley: The Slippery Slope Begins

·         Do the CPAs Know How to Spell “Independence”

·         COSO – Is Management Out of “Control?”

·         Enron – Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen Again; Make It An Example!

·         Sarbanes-Oxley: FCPA Round Two

·         SOX: Roll It Back to What?

·         Crisis Life: S&L Bailouts; Asian Contagion; Computer Bubble; More

    to Come

·         Sub-Prime Lending: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

·         Securitizations: Magic for the Asset Side of the Balance Sheet

·         What Happened To Credit Risk Assessment? Who Owns the Credit


·         FDIC – What a Way to Run an Insurance Company!

·         Regulatory Financial Reports – Why Not the Same for All?

·         Where is the Super-Regulator?

·         Fair Value Accounting: Poison or Medicine?

·         Big Banks – Too Big to “Succeed” will Result in “Fail”


More recent topics covered the following:


  • Bailout? Stimulus? Recovery? What is Really Going On?

  • The Fair Value Dilemma!

  • Stress Test: Financial Health Checkup or Confidence-Boosting Ploy?

  • The Madoff Ponzi Scheme – A Sad and Pathetic Chapter in Failed Regulation

  • IFRS – An Overview

  • Pecora-Type Commission is Needed!

  • What Happened to Simple Risk Assessment

  • The “Repo 105” Problem

  • Top Lenders are not Lending

  • Rating the Rating Agencies

  • Life Settlements – The Next Wall Street Money Maker?

  • Use the Hammer: What You Need to Know about QE2


The “Take” always tries to present the so-called “big picture.”  It avoids getting bogged down in the nuts and bolts. It certainly distinguishes the forest from the trees. It was and still is an invaluable tool for those who want to be on the cutting edge and want to focus on the essential features of what really counts. It helps readers make alert, intelligent decisions based on realities and not on currently “spinning” ideas and “buzz.”


The “Take” in recent years was made available to all those who wish to subscribe. It is available electronically as well as in hard-copy format.


To subscribe to the “Take” simply send an e-mail to  requesting a twelve month subscription for $48. The e-mail will start the subscription and an invoice will be sent to the address indicated in the e-mail. During the subscription period there will be at least twelve letters and from time to time special letters will be issued at no extra cost.


The inexpensive subscription will prove to be a wise investment. Try it and see.