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Analytical Procedures for Internal Auditors (APGEN)



This course, designed for all audit levels, will define the meaning of the technical term “Analytical Procedures (APs)."


It identifies the general categories of APs.


Specific emphasis is placed on financial statement APs that can be used to analyze unusual and/or unexpected changes to financial data over time. 


In additional to APs for financial purposes additional emphasis is placed on APs that can be used on an operational level – i. e. "Key Indicators (KIs)"- to help auditors identify areas where they may need to spend additional audit time and effort.


Attendees will have opportunities to be creative and to "invent" APs and KIs that can be put to effective use on the job.


Attendee "take away" is knowledge of APs and KIs and their importance. The course allows attendees to use the APs and KIs on their respective audits.  Effective use of the course coverage will result in less unproductive detail testing and more meaningful analytical testing. 


Use of the course materials will result in greater audit productivity.





Category: Auditing – Internal & External