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 Financial Statement Analysis for

Developing Audit Questions to be Resolved (APFS)


This course is designed for financial analysts, controllers and internal and external auditors.


Attendees review and analyze a “typical” depository institution’s balance sheet and income statement and related financial data.


The review and analysis leads to a list of pertinent financial questions that require the analyst to obtain evidence that provides answers.


The course illustrates how knowledge of bank financial statements and simple analytical procedures (i.e. analytical review) can help analysts ask the "right" questions so they can focus their attention in the "right" areas.  It avoids “barking up the wrong tree.”


This course includes examples, case studies, and exercises etc. that satisfy the needs of financial personnel in depository institutions. 


The course is available for attendees at financial institutions and is also adjusted to satisfy the needs of those at industrial organizations.





Category: Auditing – Internal & External